We provide a variety of Solutions for Wellness

“If you want to help the world, teach people how to live in it.”

– Joseph Campbell

This is what we do, teach and support you with the core tools for self     care and healthier relationships that we need, yet often overlook or are not taught.


Welcome to Solutions 4 Wellness,

currently the home of the counseling and therapy practice of Christina Diesen 

Effective January 2023, the counseling and therapy services will be provided under the name of the Anxiety and Stress Relief Center, PLLC.  Solutions 4 Wellness will then become the home for all of the additional and supportive services provided by Christina Diesen and partners that can support and enhance therapy as well as for those who are looking for something different to improve their life, their love and their wealth. 

A separate website will soon be available to discover more about these services. For now if you have more questions about therapy, feel free to contact us here. Current openings are limited for these services and wait times are longer than ideal.  

Whether you’re looking for counseling or therapy or a different way to address disconnection within yourself or your relationships, we have something for you. Supporting yourself, your family, or staff and civic organizations, Solutions 4 Wellness has offerings that can help. 

Solutions 4 Wellness is not offering services as a way to replace therapeutic support, but to complement and enhance it as well as for those who are not looking for therapy at all.  


We specialize in helping caretakers. Caretakers that range from family caregiving to professional caregivers who easily do too much, yet find themselves feeling less than fulfilled to disconnected. We’re particularly fond and interested in helping front line workers, especially mental health providers, nurses and educators, along with the entities they work for, learn and consistently use the skills and tools we find so effective and so many of those we work with do as well to establish health within themselves, between each other and in their environment.  

After spending many years with a front row seat to not only what helps people release and move past their pain and suffering, Christina has been paying attention to where gaps exist in what helps people not only alleviate suffering, but achieve and excel in life. 


Chris has been interested and actively seeking and discovering common variables of what works and lasts, within her own experiences and those of her clients, her colleagues from around the world. She’s studied and learned from a variety of thought leaders in from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, relationships and  stress and trauma and has created a framework for helping people and groups achieve more and ultimately be content.  

She’s been contemplating, crafting and creating a variety of opportunities for you to not only take better care of yourself, but to show up and do what you’re truly meant to do in the world.

She’s interested in what helps people not only achieve more peace and happiness in their life, their relationships, their accomplishments, but maintain it and she wants to share this with you.  



Now Booking for 2023

We have frameworks that are a perfect fit for anyone in a helping position, from professional to personal care taking that can fit well for individuals, groups and organizations.

Our programs focus on for self care, personal and professional growth, resilience and post traumatic growth for individuals and organizations.


 For Everyone: 

*  Individual and small group Coaching for Mental Fitness and Resilience

*  Digital Products

* Retreats for rejuvenation and well-being

* Women’s Wellness Lifestyle Membership Community.  

This soon to launch membership community is for like minded people who want to intentionally take care of themselves, with in person and online opportunities to learn from local and national thought leaders in a variety of subjects regarding well-being, connect with like minded .

For Mental Health and Medical Professionals:

* Consultation for Brainspotting Certification

* Consultation regarding the business side of being a therapist

* Individual Case Consultation  

For Organizations: 

* Consultation, assistance and executive coaching programs regarding professional growth and workplace environment

Professional Speaking

Various and specific topics related to living functionally, specifically:

Well-being, intentional self-care & stress management

Relational health as an imperative to human flourishing

Often unrecognized human needs related to relational well being, including the relationship we have with ourself

Speaking and Training for Mental fitness, resiliency and post-traumatic growth



Training for personal and professional growth for helping professions

Effective and lasting tools and resources to help you live a life that feels good.

Based on state of the art techniques from psychology, neuroscience, and brain research findings, we use a variety of tools to help you take good care of yourself which results in showing up even more for others. We can help bring your mind and body into balance, restore your energy, passion, and sense of connection within yourself and with others, allowing you to take responsibility for your life and your happiness!

Learn to make you a priority

Think well, feel well, do well, laugh well, relate well to others, and find meaning and purpose in your life. Solutions 4 Wellness is here to help you help yourself in manageable and achievable ways.