Stress of Life Causing Anxiety and Overwhelm?

We’re here to help you feel good about yourself and your relationships.

You deserve it and so do those close to you.

Stress is part of life. It’s a problem when it lingers after the need for it to help you and looks like worry, anxiety, overwhelm, long lasting fear, depression and complicated grief.  Life doesn’t have to stay this way.

 If it’s not managed it can become overwhelming and turn into mental and physical burnout. This then changes how you see yourself and life.  It can effect your physical health and can easily lead to relationship problems and keep you from a quality life.  

Are you living a full life? If not, we’re here to help you.

 We often know we’re bothered by something, whether us or in our life.  We help people with human conflict and stress is often what we call the problem, the effects of how we’re trying to solve the issues as well as the results of the issue. We often know what we don’t want, but how often do you know what you do want, let alone how to get it, especially when it’s intangible or a relational concern, including the one with yourself. Part of what we do is help you get clear on where you are and where you want to go. In workable ways that do not create more stress, we create a plan with doable steps and actions to get there. So…

Stress can be about so many things.  Often we know it has to do in some way with some type of pressure or bothersome situation.  

Relationships are typically a part of this equation in one way or another, whether you’re trying to figure out your marriage,  how to be a parent to your child, at whatever age they are or some other bothersome relationship or event in your life.  Also, alongside the main issue, it’s common that we have a range of other pressures from work to finances along with a lack of time and expectations.

Then, seemingly unrelated, you show up with a health condition that you really have no time for or understand why it would happen to you.  So often something happens, whether it was our choice or not, and it has an effect on us.  Other times, it’s something ongoing, without an end in sight. It could be that the lingering affects of something that seemed like it shouldn’t bother us still does and it often seems like there’s nothing we can do about it.  

Well, what if there is and you just need to adjust and learn a few things to think and feel different?

When stress is unmanaged, it often eventually effects our body, resulting in physical symptoms and diagnoses or even more bothersome there’s no medical explanation for it. This then commonly increases stress and leads us to question and feel worse about ourself, as if something is wrong with who we are or maybe we should have known better.

Honestly, how can you do something you didn’t even know existed or could be helpful? I didn’t or I would have sooner and I’m guessing you would too or you wouldn’t be here looking at my business page.  We can’t know what we don’t know, but it’s our responsibility to learn and live it out from this point on.

About 10 years ago my body finally what felt like a crash and I couldn’t just stop living. I had many physical symptoms that my doctors had no clear medical explanation for.  This lead to a journey, with many twists and turns, that has brought me here, helping people manage stress, release trauma from past events that you know or may not even realize bother you and more commonly from experiences you thought were just life, especially relationship pain, from grief to betrayal and abandonment.  

  We can help when your success and happiness is impacted.

    • Is life harder than it should be?
    • Are you going through a lot of changes and you were not expecting it to be like this?
    • Or, have you been waiting for things to change and if you’re being honest, it’s not going in the right direction?
    • Are you overly stressed and struggling with excessive worry or anxiety?
    • Do you often question yourself or feel uncertain about yourself or specific relationships?
    • Are you in a relationship (intimate, family, work related, or friend) that is impacting your quality of life?
    • Do you feel like you’re just getting by and that if you’re being honest it’s somewhat, if not truly miserable. 

Know it doesn’t have to stay this way.  I know from personal experience what it’s like.  I didn’t previously understand how the stress of relationships could effect physical health. Years later my professional practice began filling up with people who had anxiety, stress and relationship problems.  This has become my personal passion and primarily my focus professionally in helping others prevent, heal, recover and thrive after these experiences.   

I have discovered many ways, backed by research from various fields of study, to learn to work through these experiences and keep it from harboring inside of you again and again. The skills and tools I help others with, I personally use.  

 It’s time to live a full life, start trusting yourself and simply enjoy your time.  This results not only in improved health in your life:  your body, your mind, your spiritual connection and your relationships.  

We’re here and provide ways to make the connection between your stress and how it affects your relationships and your health, learn what to do about it and actually do it for the long term so you can get to know, trust and like yourself and get back to living. 

How’s this all happen?

An event occurs, our body reacts in a default survival way, assuming the worst and  sends messages to our mind as if we need to switch to a survival state, even when it isn’t a needed. Based upon our life experience, we create thoughts about it. These thoughts repeated become our beliefs and most of us never question the validity or a different possibility.  These beliefs couple with the life skills you know and apply.  If you haven’t intentionally learned to shift out of the stress state, the cascade of stress hormones keep flowing and your stress response continues and automatically assume something is more negative than neutral or positive and actively uses these beliefs to process it.  This in return gives us results that we have a natural tendency to repeat.  This becomes your personalty, your experience and leads to the quality of your life, relationships and outcomes.  

This is where our expertise comes in with decades of professional training and even more lived experience to help guide and contribute healing and helpful skills in effective, simple, compassionate ways to shift out of the stress loops so you don’t have to stay stressed and become sick. 

Our goal is to support you in healing and growing and therefore improving confidence in all of your life.  

The results of living with less self-abandonment and more self-trust are far reaching inside and outside of us.

You deserve to be supported and learn how to let go of suffering and feel good in relationships.

What can you teach me I don’t already know? 

There are  many components to therapy, that include more than talking.  As a trauma therapist who utilizes somatic techniques, there are many simple and effective ways that utilize our breath and body that in turn, not only help our body rediscover balance, but also improve how we think, feel and what we do.  It’s one thing to know about and understand what’s happening, it’s a whole other experience apply them it.  The experience of it is something you have to experience.

Effective self care, stress management and relationship skills often don’t come naturally. Our parents, educators and other healthcare providers didn’t know and often still don’t know these self care and healthy relational living skills, so how could they teach us?  There’s no one to blame, but there it’s time you do it, so you don’t pass the unhealthy ways of overdoing and undergoing it coping tendencies on to your own kids.

We have a tendency to get in our own way, thinking we can do it ourselves, that we know already or should know.  This often leads to embarrassment and not asking.  That’s part of what we do early on, is help you understand how to take care of yourself so you can truly identify, ask for and get what you need and want.

Many times we’ve been given incomplete or unhelpful advice. So how can we ask for what we don’t even know we would benefit from?

We often simply just don’t know how to be healthy. As for those who do actively make effort to take care of their physical health and still get ill, they’re often missing a critical link and that is managing life stressors. The messages from our mainstream society haven’t helped with this either. They more so encourage us to move our body and eat well. While these are important, there’s more to it, especially with the increased stress over the last couple of years.  With more stress, comes the need for advanced skills.

Why hasn’t someone told me about this, especially my medical provider?

Up to date information about the basics of identifying and effectively treating stress, so it doesn’t cause trauma or physical illness, is something as a professional I had to seek and others we think would know also have to intentionally seek the same information and that doesn’t mean all of them have. 

So those we turn to for advice, may not have this knowledge or skill, including your family, friends and medical professionals. This is concerning to me as the American Medical Association (AMA) states that 80 percent of all health problems are stress related. 

I can understand that they don’t know and don’t blame them, as I was once of them. I was doing what I was trained to do in helping others as a social worker and at the same time not managing my stress effectively and it played out in  many areas of my life.  I didn’t necessarily know it at the time, but it eventually lead to my own physical decline with no medical explanation.  This was when I began to look beyond the conventional medical field on a search to heal myself and has become my passion and professional expertise in helping others get back to being themselves and life a full life.

It’s common for us to wait for it to get better or for the time or money or to think we shouldn’t put ourselves first. This typically leads to more misery when it doesn’t have to be that way. 

 Taking care of yourself is not selfish. It’s also more than just keeping an eye on your physical health or your outward appearance.  Those things are important, but not enough to intentionally manage the stress of life. The inner self care that I practice and help others apply is active and it should be a priority, right next to medical appointments, and not a last resort. If you’re not using effective skills to manage life, it will eventually affect your physical health in one way or another.   If you don’t make the time to manage your life better, then your life will be affected.

The money you could spend on prevention and early intervention can help prevent more painful and expensive medical treatments in the future that again put you in an even more vicious stress cycle and ultimately make your quality of life less than it should be. I’ve also learned and experience the necessity on spending money on myself and ultimately it has helped me create even more financial health.

Many of us have a tendency to put others before ourselves, thinking that’s caring and that if we take care of ourselves first, it’s selfish.

In reality, if we know and use skills that are healthy, it improves not just ourselves, but our relationships.

Take care of yourself from the inside out, you will find greater reward in all that’s available in life.

Our need for self care includes and affects how you think and feel and directly impacts what you do and how you relate to others. This leads to your perspective and that creates your experiences.

We help with the range of stress related personal and relationship challenges, that often look like conflict, anxiety and traumatic experiences.

We can help you process emotional pain in a way that is not overwhelming.

We educate you so you can make sense of your situation, alleviate embarrassment and shift your perception.

We help you heal, learn and practice skills to be more effective and relational. 

This results in more:

  • Skills to manage stressful experiences in the moment and have less long term psychological effects 
  • Consistent self care with improved physical results
  • Giving yourself some grace. Truly allowing yourself to be human and okay being imperfect.
  • Self-confidence by more knowing and trusting yourself
  • Healthy boundaries and limits for yourself and others
  • Overall more rich, connected and engaged relationships
  • Actively living a full life

We are here to help when you’ve fallen into a pattern of either overdoing or under doing parts of life, specifically trying to do all that has to be done to keep the peace or hold things together.  

You bring your willingness and we’ll support and guide you to live your life feeling free to be your true self. 

It’s up to you…and since you only get this one life, go ahead, you’re worth it!

Here’s an overview of what it looks like:

How It Works To Get Started

1. Decide that you want to do someting about your situation.

2. Do an honest self-assessment? Do you realistically have the energy and resources of willingness, commitment, time and finances to do the work of healing? It is worth it, but it is work. If yes, let’s hop on a video call that will take about a half an hour to see if our program is a good fit for you.

If the link for the online calendar/scheduler does not have openings available or if for some reason it isn’t working correctly, please go to the Contact Us page and enter your information and we will get back to you with scheduling options for the no cost consultation.

We help individual and couples heal and grow through counseling and therapy


We can help you personally with unhelpful stress that may show up as anxiety, traumatic experiences, difficulty with moods and completing tasks and unhappiness.


For couples and other important relationships we help maintain and repair healthy relating and living.

PRE-COMMITMENT PROGRAMS: We can help you and your partner with your relationship before there are any issues to assure the best chance to relate well beyond the beginning stages of your relationship and create a life that you dream of and avoid future disruption and divorce.


We can help each you find more assurance, confidence and clarity when you are unhappy, unsure and uncertain or feel a sense of disconnection and disengagement.

Our services are limited at this time. What openings we do have are uniquely designed and personally tailored to meet individual needs and not covered by health insurance. We find this to be super effective in helping people get back to living in ways that work most effectively.

Watch for more services to come to support you on your personal and relationship health and wellness.

More than just talking about what is bothering you

Based on state of the art techniques from psychology, neuroscience, and brain research findings, we use a variety of tools to help you feel better more quickly than what traditional talk therapy alone can provide. We can help bring your mind and body into balance, restore your energy, passion, and sense of connection within yourself and with others, allowing you to take responsibility for your life and your happiness!

Gain Balance and Peace in Your Life!

Bring your mind and body into balance, restore your energy, passion, peace and sense of connection within yourself and with others, allowing life to flow with ease.





Learn to make you a priority

Think well, feel well, do well, laugh well, relate well to others, and find meaning and purpose in your life. Solutions 4 Wellness is here to help you help yourself in manageable and achievable ways.