There is a topic that has been repeatedly brought to the forefront of our world and thoughts recently. Whether it is someone you know personally or a celebrity suicide it is very emotional and personal topic. It makes us reflect on our own values, prejudices and vulnerabilities. Rightly so, should it be that way? Where does stigma come from and why does it make us debate “right or wrong” or have to place blame on the victim or worse yet the loved ones left behind.

In a perfect world…

………we wouldn’t have to feel the pain that causes someone to consider suicide.
………people would ask for help and not feel ashamed if they needed emotional support or mental health treatment.
………all interventions for the treatment of suicidal thoughts, or actions would be 100% effective and relieve suicidal thoughts immediately.
………suicide would not exist.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in that perfect world. On the contrary, we are far from a perfect world or being perfect individually. But it important to know that treatment does work. It often takes time. It is effective! No is no short cut to mental health treatment it is hard work. No one should be embarrassed to want to improve the quality of their life and having a healthy mind contributes greatly to a healthy life. No life crisis is to big or to small to seek a check up or develop some healthy coping skills. As we navigate through the journey of life remember to be respectful, be kind and treat others as you would want to be treated. Feel free to share your concerns or questions regarding this topic or any other topic regarding mental health. Talking about suicide does not make it happen more often.

Kim Peek, LCSW