With all the hoopla of New Year’s resolutions, resetting and restarting, we all begin with good intentions to do and be better. Generally by now or soon to come, most of us will have already fallen astray from the lofty goals we, with all good intention, set to begin and work at this year. Have you already found yourself lacking, unhappy, or frustrated that you’ve already fallen back to the “old” you? Or is it that you’re not faithfully showing up for yourself to complete all of these goals that you are so certain will make your life all the better? If so, then keep reading…

So now you find yourself feeling defeated even though you planned to do and feel better. It seems so many of us at one time or another (and for many of us it’s more so than not) feel less than adequate or beat ourselves up because we seem to be one step back rather than two steps forward. According to the discoveries from the world of neuroscience research, there happens to be good reason for this and it’s not a weakness or a personality flaw.

Our brains have what is known as neuroplasticity, the ability to rewire and make change. Simply put neuroplasticity correlates to our habits. Rewiring can work for us but it can also work against us. We can learn to harness this ability to rewire and change the ways of thinking and doing (or not doing) to achieve more of what we want…although it can rewire and create what we don’t want as well. Therefore, it’s important to become aware of how the simple things we do and don’t do are much more than simply “motivation” or lack of it. Neuroplasticity is just one of the many theories that informthe variety of approaches we use in our work at Solutions 4 Wellness.

We love to engage the most effective theories and tools to bring understanding and usable strategy to those we serve. Historically, those “we serve” have been those who have sought us out for counseling or therapy, because something has been off or not right. They show up with symptoms and are looking to feel better. We have come to recognize that there is a demographic that is not getting a lot of help to simply be and do better which can result in an enhanced quality of life. This demographic includes those who aren’t looking for or don’t need therapy. Maybe something is just off. Maybe it is something you are unsure of, hesitant about, or never really thought about for yourself. Could this be you?

Do you want to be your best self but don’t always show up in life this way? Do you get down on yourself because you don’t know why you didn’t do or say that thing you told yourself you would? Is it that you feel disconnected or unfulfilled, without any good reason? Or maybe you’re simply tired and tired of being tired. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or just wanting to find a greater meaning in life, then we have something to offer you.

We’ve come to recognize that much of what we do and don’t do is changeable and many of us are looking for more. If this fits you in any way, we are creating offerings to help you stop beating yourself up and discover your inner potential to show up in the world being more of who you want to be. We have created a process in which we customize offerings to get you heading in the direction to a more fulfilled life.

We will be sharing offerings in various formats, one of such being a free class on March 19 at 6:30 p.m at Solutions4Wellness, Inc, 231 N Main Street in Breese, IL. Even though there is no cost, we ask that you preregister as space is limited by emailing s4wevents@gmail.com, calling or texting 618-322-6464. We wish you the best year yet! (You do have the power to make it happen!)

Christina Diesen, LCSW is the owner of Solutions 4 Wellness, Inc. with offices in Breese and Mt. Vernon, IL. Chris is passionate about providing an environment of compassion and support to efficiently and effectively help others overcome obstacles and not only survive, but thrive, providing therapeutic services with emphasis on anxiety, trauma and burnout resolution as well as prevention. In addition to this, we provide engaging educational experiences that enhance our quality of life. “Our Mission is to empower people to discover their full potential and create a fulfilling life.”