May was Mental Health Awareness Month – by Kim Peek, LCSW, Therapist at Solutions4Wellness

I have been reminded frequently this month of the importance of mental health.  This month has been filled with many ups and downs but not necessarily different from any other month for those who struggle frequently with issue that impact their mental health.  So what is mental health?  According to mental health is…………

mental health
psychological well-being and satisfactory adjustment to society and to the ordinary demands of life.
the field of medicine concerned with the maintenance or achievement of such well-being and adjustment.                                                                                                     
But does that really give a person an idea of what being mentally healthy is all about?  Here are a couple of things that you may want to reflect on as your own personal assessment of Mental Health.  

1. Do you experience a full range of emotions without feelings guilty or being overwhelmed?

2. Are you able to define well-being for yourself?
a. What makes you happy~
b. Can you handle disappointments or failures without a major setback in your self-perception~
c. Do you feel in control of your life or do you feel your life is controlling you~
d. What does your level of stress look like on a daily basis~
e. Are you comfortable with who you are~
f. What do your relationships with others look like~

3. Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others frequently?

4. Are there habits or behaviors that influence your functioning negatively on a day to day basis?

Self-awareness is the first step to being mentally healthy. If you feel you are struggling in any of these areas getting a check-up may be beneficial. Mental health therapy is not just for the chronic or severely mentally ill. Having regular assessments and check-ups is a part of keeping healthy both mentally and physically. Schedule an appointment with a mental health provider to check in with yourself if needed or if you’re simply unsure. If there is topic you are interested in discussing, feel free to leave us a note at Solution4Wellness. Communication helps reduce stigma and the anxiety that accompanies many mental health disorders. Let’s not be afraid to talk to one another. Wishing everyone wellness and happiness in their future.