Experience A Deep Healing Intensive Event Designed Uniquely For You! 

Do you want to get to the root of what is going on and heal quickly from whatever it is that has been interfering with your functioning and enjoyment of life? If you have been dealing with a particular issue or state of mind for too long and have been unable to work it out on your own and you are ready to get to the heart of the matter, this unique service offering may be for you.

Are you being held back, stuck, or tired of feeling bad? Does it have to do with relationships with someone or something or a performance block? Is there something inside of you that keeps you from being your best or maybe even taken over your life? Have you tried self help or therapy only to continue to struggle? It is time to address the root cause of your your issues and make the connections to your disease, distress, self-doubt, or sabotage! 

Solutions 4 Wellness therapist Christina Diesen is now offering intensive outpatient treatment to heal from the inside that is helpful for distress and disease such as stress, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, burnout, PTSD, unhealthy connections, and relationships. Using a process that includes techniques based in neuropsychobiological applications and include a combination of Brainspotting, EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Ego State Therapy, guided visualization and relaxation, distress can be effectively, efficiently, and painlessly addressed quickly. We are now scheduling multi-hour sessions to get to the root of your distress and alleviate and resolve issues more rapidly.

Session length is scheduled depending on your needs. An initial session will be conducted in person or by phone at 618-322-6424 or email at office@solutions4wellness.com to assess any underlying issues that will need to be addressed and determine the amount of time needed.  Please contact us today to learn more. Ask about “Intensive Services.”