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My “Philosophy of Care” is to partner with each client in helping them recognize and use their natural abilities and resiliency to promote change, by realizing that the biggest breakthroughs often occur after our biggest breakdowns

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Hello! I’m Chris Diesen.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who serves adults regarding a variety of challenges, which tend to alter quality of life. I believe we should all be free to do what it is we desire and live a life that we greatly enjoy.

I often help others that do “too much.”  Caretakers, both personal and professional, who are over extended and find themselves feeling guilty or over working, are overwhelmed with all that life is throwing at them and often resulting in a lack of self care and challenges in relationships tend to greatly benefit from the techniques and therapies I provide.

I am passioinate about helping people who have been exposed to traumatic events, whether it be due to something readily identifiable or bothersome in some other way.  Traumatic responses are more about how the experience effects us, not necessarily what happened, thus leading to struggle to move past them.  Many people I help are experiencing life in a way that feels overwhelming, out of sorts, restricted or cut off or out of balance.  

I earned a Master of Social Work degree from St. Louis University and am licensed to practice in Illinois. I continue to train in a variety of cutting edge techniques and I am certified/trained in the following specializations that I find most effective, efficient and useful:

    • Heart Math – Biofeedback
      • Learn to adapt to life’s challenges more effectively.
      • Help to find ways to reduce stress on your body, control reactions in daily life and experience more calm and ease.
      • Stress management tools and techniques to regulate emotions in real life.
    • CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management)

    • Therapy for Trauma Relief/Resolution:
      • EMDR
      • Trauma Informed Hypnotherapy
      • Brainspotting
      • Childhood Emotional Neglect
      • Developmental Needs Meeting Strategies
      • Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    • PSYCH-K

    • Whole Health Medicine Institute
    • Gottman Couples Therapy
    • ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)


I focus on helping others with anxiety, overwhelm, stress management. I have a special interest in helping professional caretakers avoid and resolve secondary stress from the line of work that they engage in, whether it be the EMS personnel who has been exposed to overwhelming circumstances or the nurse who experiences ongoing stressors of the job and all others who do too much, putting themselves last. Another area of interest is helping people with emotional and stress eating.

My “Philosophy of Care” is that we can harness our strengths and natural resiliencies to promote change. I believe that mood dysregulation that often looks like anxiety, stress, overwhelm, depression, PTSD is a response to how we respond to difficult or unexpected experiences and that there is help.

I realize that one specific way does not work for each person, which is why I feel it is important to provide a range of services and techniques to help people where they are, not to make them fit a specific service or program. With the power of awareness, mindfulness and hope and right action, we can achieve what we can conceive in our mind’s eye!

All the best,

~ Chris

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