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   COVID-19 Policies and Telehealth services for Solutions 4 Wellness

As the news surrounding COVID-19 (the illness caused by the coronavirus) evolves, the main priorities of Solutions 4 Wellness remain the same — to walk alongside our clients in optimizing their well being. 

How Solutions 4 Wellness is adapting

· Currently we are staying up to date with all government recommendations, cleaning office spaces thoroughly, and we are committed to following all quarantine recommendations that might apply in the future.

· We offer telehealth counseling sessions at any time by appointment, through the user friendly, HIPPA compliant platform through Jituzu, which our clients have been invited to have access to.

Should any current or new client need guidance or to be sent an invitation to the Jituzu client portal, please reach out to us by phone at 618-322-6424 and we will gladly send you the required information. 

· In order to use a cell phone you will need to download the Jituzu telehealth app.

· In order to use a computer you will only need to click on the link provided by your therapist.

· When utilizing telehealth it is important to find a quiet, safe, and comfortable space to participate in therapy.

· It appears that all insurance plans are moving to cover telehealth without barriers even if not initially covered. We are more than happy to verify these benefits for you prior to setting up a telehealth session, however we strongly recommend that you also verify coverage by calling your insurance plan. 

When contacting your insurance agency, please document the date, time, representative’s name, details of the coverage and ask for a call reference number.  Please provide this to our office staff or your therapist as we will use this in the event their becomes a concern in your plan’s payment for your sessions.

What Solutions 4 Wellness is asking of clients

· If you or anyone in your household have traveled outside of the US in the last 30 days please advise our office and we will ask for you to transition your sessions to telehealth.

· If at any time there is a quarantine that impacts you we will ask for you to transition to telehealth.

· If you have exhibited flu like symptoms with a fever of 100.4 or greater we will ask for you to transition to telehealth sessions for at least 2 weeks. 

Solutions 4 Wellness does not take the position of providing medical advice; therefore, to educate yourself, please visit the following links:

Center for Disease Control (CDC) https://www.cdc.gov

World Health Organization (WHO) https://www.who.int

In closing

There is no right or wrong way to feel about COVID-19.  If you have a low level of concern, you are not under-reacting; and, if you are concerned and taking precautions and/or cancelling travel, you are not overreacting. If at any point between sessions you notice a level of fear or anxiety that is concerning to you or difficult to manage, please reach out through the client portal or by phone.  

With Kindness,

Christina Diesen, LCSW

Owner and Clinical Director

Solutions4Wellness, Inc.    



If you’re looking for symptom reduction and you’re open and motivated to find ways to feel better, then you’re at the right place! Please know that we can work together in a way that works for you. Some people feel better by talking at depth and others do not. You share what serves you and then we apply mind-body techniques to release or alleviate symptoms, so you can be on the road to feeling better and taking responsibility for your own happiness.  We are here to support you and help you find resolution to a wide range of personal concerns.   


We’re excited to announce that we have moved our Breese location due to the fact that we are growing! We began seeing clients at this new location March 2, 2020 

Our new Breese office is at: 

110 North Main Street     

The new space will allow for future offerings in the way of groups, workshops and additional services  and more! Check back for more details as they become available.  


Not your typical therapy practice

Our focus is on what’s right and well, along with feeling better.  Our goal is to help you discover what it is you need for your well-being. We want to support your personal growth and happiness.  We acknowledge your personal issues and struggles.  We offer a variety of services to provide support and help address current life challenges as well as longer standing concerns.

More than just talking about what is bothering you

Based on state of the art techniques from psychology, neuroscience, and brain research findings, we use a variety of tools to help you feel better more quickly than what traditional talk therapy alone can provide. We can help bring your mind and body into balance, restore your energy, passion, and sense of connection within yourself and with others, allowing you to take responsibility for your life and your happiness!

A Sense of Community

In addition to individual sessions, we offer a sense of community for those interested.  By facilitating personal development, support groups, educational groups, and workshops, we focus not only on healing the connection with yourself, but with others as well.  We offer unique self-care groups. We purposely limit the number of participants in our groups to foster a stronger sense of trust and build deeper connections with each other.

Gain Balance and Peace in Your Life!
Bring your mind and body into balance, restore your energy, passion, peace and sense of connection within yourself and with others, allowing life to flow with ease.


Learn to make the rest of your life the best of your life.


Uncover what’s been holding you back in life.


Train your mind and body to tune in and work together.


Nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

Learn to make you a priority

Feel well, laugh well, relate well to others, and find meaning and purpose in your life. Solutions 4 Wellness is here to help you help yourself in manageable and achievable ways.

Solutions 4 Wellness, Inc.

Traditional and holistic therapy and counseling located in Breese, Illinois and Mt. Vernon, Illinois.

Telephone:   618-322-6424